Book of Remembrance Prompts

1. In what ways are you a blessing to your family?

2. What is your favorite scripture, and why do you like it?

3. If you could paint a picture that would remind you to be good, what would you paint?

4. What is your earliest memory?

5. Tell about one of the kindest people you know

6. What is your favorite hymn, and why?

7. Tell how you most feel Heavenly Father’s love

8. How are you following Jesus’ example daily?

9. How is each of your siblings a blessing?

10. How do mothers bless families?

11. How do fathers bless families?

12. Tell about someone with great faith

13. What are you good at teaching?  How can you get better at it?

14. Is there a movie that makes you want to be good?  Why?

15. How have your grandparents blessed your life?

16. What is a favorite family memory of yours?

17. What is the most important thing you want to teach your children?

18. Tell about one of your heroes

19. Tell about a time when you learned a hard lesson

20. What is the most beautiful sight you ever saw? 

21. Tell about someone who has been a good example to you

22. Tell about a dream you had that has meaning for you

23. What is your most important responsibility as a daughter of God?

24. Share your favorite story of Jesus

25. Who is your favorite scripture character?

26. Tell about someone with great courage

27. What talents do you have?  How do you think they are meant to bless others?

28. If you could spend a whole day however you liked, what would you do?

29. Tell about your favorite trip

30. Tell about one of your favorite books

31. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve been?

32. What makes you smile?

33. What ancestor do you especially love?

34. If you had to leave home and take only one possession, what would it be?

35. Tell about a great patriot

36. What is the greatest challenge you face?

37. If you could give your children only one book besides scripture, what would it be?

38. Tell about someone with great perseverance

39. What counsel of the prophet are you trying to follow?

40. Who is your favorite person from church history?

41. Tell about a time when you felt the spirit.

42. What strengthens your testimony?

43. Have you ever felt joy in service?

44. Tell about a miracle you witnessed.

45. Tell about a prayer that was answered.

46. What has a friend done that made you feel loved?

47. Who is the happiest person you know?  Why do you think they’re so happy?

48. What is the difference between pleasure and joy?

49. Why do you think trials are a necessary part of life?

50. Which attribute of the Savior do you most want to develop? Why?