Parent Notes: The Coming of the Mormons by Jim Kjelgaard

The Coming of the Mormons by Jim Kjelgaard is part of the Landmark books series. This series was published in the 1950s and 60s and was marketed as a mail order subscription. This book was written for a general American audience by a man who was not a Latter-day Saint. It is very complimentary to the Latter-day Saints and adds some interesting details that many official histories have left out. It covers the end of Joseph Smith’s life through the first few years of settlement in Utah. There are only a few notes for parents:

  • In one instance, the word “retarded” is used to describe the Native Americans.
  • The discussion of polygamy is very neat and tidy. We recommend expanding the discussion a bit if it is appropriate for your family.
  • There is a description of Brigham Young helping to heal a native boy. Latter-day Saints will recognize that the boy was given a priesthood blessing, although it doesn’t say so in the text.