Parent Notes: The Latter-day Prophet by George Q. Cannon

We have assembled the following notes to help you decide if The Latter-day Prophet: History of Joseph Smith for Young People by George Q. Cannon is a book you would like to use with your family. It covers Church history during the duration of Joseph Smith’s life. While the book has our overall recommendation for children about age 10+, we want you to be aware of some passages where editing/discussion may be required.

  • Chapter 20: There is mention of “Zelph, a white Lamanite and a mighty man of God, who had fought as a chieftain under the Prophet Omandagus. He was killed in battle during the last great struggle of the Lamanites and Nephites.”
  • Chapter 25: There are multiple accounts of casting out devils that could frighten some readers, especially the younger ones.
  • Chapter 28: The Haun’s Mill Massacre is covered. While this account is the gentlest we have seen, it is still graphic and tragic.
  • Chapter 29: Rape is mentioned directly and indirectly (some women are noted to have “suffered a fate worse than death”).
  • Chapter 34: There is a passage describing Joseph Smith’s encounter with Keokuk, a Native American chief, where Joseph tells the chief that his skin will become white again when they become righteous.
  • Chapters 36–39: The word “damned” is used a few times, and not in the theological sense.