He Is Risen!

I confess that I’m going to cheat on this hymn post, for two reasons.

  1. Someone else has already done a better job with this hymn’s history than I would have, and
  2. we are busy designing a 12-year hymn rotation and it’s a lot of work.

So, without further ado, I’m going to redirect you to Mormon Soprano’s blog post about He Is Risen! She includes a beautiful story about what happened when the lyricist hid her poems under a rug, and her father found them. 🙂

Here are some other fun versions from the citizens of YouTube that I liked, as a bonus.

An original arrangement on acoustic guitar by a young brother:

We have a piano solo by Paul Cardall…

… and if organ’s your thing, you need to check out this toccata by Tabernacle organist Clay Christiansen.

And lastly, this is a nice medley by a group of young adults. Happy listening! 🙂

Jenna DiltsJenna Dilts is a mother of three pre-school-aged children. Last year she led a discussion of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles on the AO forum. You can find her blogging at To Work Wonders.

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